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Tank Manufacturers

Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd
Drayton Tanks specializes in manufacture of the largest ranges of (GRP) Glass Reinforced Plastic water tanks for both hot and cold water storage as well as chemical and other solutions. Among the range of tanks, most are suitable for header tanks, break tanks and balance tanks, and can be used for just about any storage solution requirement.
K-Tank Industrial Sales
It provides tanks in HDPE, POLUPRO, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, Kynar, FRP, and TEFLON. Other products include exhaust hood, ductwork, industrial sink, industrial basin, and sampling box.
Lochinvar Corporation
A world leader in providing high-efficiency water heaters, boilers and pool heaters. Other products include commercial solar systems, custom package systems, industrial tanks, storage tanks, buffer tanks and hot water generators.
Precolor Tank Division
It is UKs leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical and water storage tanks. The tanks are extensively applied to portable water, rainwater harvesting, and mild chemical storage. It also has a general moulding division which produces high grade G.R.P. mouldings and supplies many water authorities. This division specialises in baffles and sewage treatment, moulding covers, housings etc.