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First Aid

Brand Innovation
It supplies and brands any different types of first aid kits with your company name printed on the first aid kits. It has minimum order quantity for first aid kits is 100 units.
C-M First Aid
It was founded in 1995 as a supplier of various kinds of first aid kits and equipment, including first aid bag, first aid box, first aid clothing, blood spillage kit and more. It serves the industrial, domestic and paramedic markets of Southern Africa.
Reliance Medical
It is a trade distributor of high quality medical dressings, pharmaceuticals and first aid supplies. It provides first aid kit, bandages, biohazard, burn treatment, gloves, manikins, plasters and tapes, survival blankets and others.
Safety First Aid
Online source of vast selection of first aid, safety and hygiene supplies. It provides eye wash kits, statutory first kits, eye wash station, first aid supplies, cederroth first aid, dressing and wound care, eye and burn care, biohazard and hygiene supplies and more.