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Brazilian Canadian Coffee Co. Ltd
It was established in 1975 to provide high quality coffee and related accessories. The coffee includes gourmet coffee, coffee tin, instant coffee, naturally decaffinated coffee and organic coffee. In addition, paper cups, filters, oscar flavoring syrup, and decanters are available.
Direct Coffee and Vending Service
It provides quality coffee services and equipment to large and small business accounts, as well as food and snack vending. Water coolers and water dispensers are available.
Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op
It was set up in 1995, and is Canada's first fair trade coffee roaster. It supplies coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar and others. It aims to make connections with small-scale organic coffee farmers around the world and conscientious consumers in Atlantic Canada and beyond.
Miko Coffee Ltd.
Puro Coffee is working in partnership with the World Land Trust to buy and protect areas of rainforest in South America. All coffee beans and organic gourmet coffee with the Puro label is Fairtrade.
Reunion Island Coffee Ltd
Reunion Island provides sustainable coffee, decaffeinated coffee, flavored coffee, single organic coffee, whole bean coffee, fair trade coffee, espresso, coffee blend, coffee pod, ground coffee, organic tea, green tea bag, berry white tea bag and tea pod.