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Transformer Manufacturer

Agile Magnetics, Inc.
Agile Magnetics manufactures and designs custom transformers, custom inductors, and custom chokes for variable volume production and prototyping. The products are widely used in medical, semiconductor, military, aerospace, industrial, OEM equipment, instrumentation, marine, telecommunication, automotive, rail, EMI, UPS and wireless power.
Allied Components International
The company was founded in 1992 as a manufacturer of inductors and chokes which are widely used in networking, telecommunications, test equipment, power conversion and many other applications in the commercial and industrial markets.
CORTEC Enterprises
One of leading custom magnetic toroidal manufacturers in the world. It provides transformers, inductors and chokes. It can design a project from scratch or build it to specification at a affordable cost.
Majestic Transformer Co
Here at Majestic Transformers we specialise in the design & manufacture high quality bespoke and custom built electrical transformers. Our specialist product ranges include: custom Transformers, three phase cased transformers, single phase Cased transformers, single phase open frame control transformers, three phase open frame transformers, rectifier power transformers, high frequency, ferrite cored, transformers & chokes, valve audio Transformers, variable transformers and chokes / inductors.