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Belt Manufacturers

Bench Craft Leather Inc.
The company specializes in men's designer leather belts, women’s designer leather belts and leather accessories are assembled using automated production processes combined with expert craftsmanship.
Crescent Belt Manufacturers
Crescent Belt was founded in 1926 as a manufacturer of quality leather belts, including alligator belts, buffalo belts, calf belts, hornback alligator belts, ostrich belts and specialty belts. It also provides tablet covers, jewelry boxes and more.
Pelletterie 2F S.p.A.
The Italian company has been devoted to manufacturing belts 100% MADE IN ITALY with the exclusive use of Italian leathers and accessories as well as all-Italian fabrication.
Torino Leather Company
It is dedicated to providing the highest quality leather and exotic skin belts and accessories. Its superior leather products is a result of highly skilled craftspeople. All leather products made in New Orleans are all hand crafted by experienced artisans.
It manufactures handmade leather belts, and specializes in a number of styles that can meet the style tastes and preferences of any customer. It also supplies belts buckles, gifts, wallets, and horse tacks.
Zonii Australia Pty Limited.
An Australian supplier of lather products, such as women belts, men belts, children belts, iPod leather cases, laptop cases, iPhone cases, wallets and more. It prides itself on providing superior quality and cutting edge designs on all its leather belts and accessories.