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Information www.rokenbok.com
Address: 215 S. Highway 101, Suite 101, Solana Beach, 92075, CA, United States
Phone: 1-888-476-5265 / 1-858-259-4433
Fax: 1-858-259-4410
Contact Person: Mr. - -
E-mail: Mr.Rokenbok@rokenbok.com
Company Profile Rokenbok construction lets children build their own ideas, and Rokenbok machines are so much fun because they work so well. The two together create endless, special playtimes for children and their parents. Each building set or remote control machine can be enjoyed alone, or as part of an ever-growing world with unlimited play and educational potential.

Rokenbok remote control machines are tough, real-working equipment. They are built for rough play, crashes, and spills. These are not ordinary toys, but precise and very rugged little robots. Every machine is carefully designed to work with all the others to create fun interactions. A single ROK Star Controller can control every machine in your fleet, and multiple controllers let the whole family play at the same time. There are lots of hidden features, like auto-hitching, horns and sirens. These machines are smart, too. They won't interfere with each other, so you can add as many ROK Star machines and controllers as you want to your Rokenbok world.

Creating a construction system that is fun for children and adults is a sensible idea. It brings together the educational benefits of construction play and child/parent interaction. Our goal is to create those playtimes where fun and education overlap. Rokenbok is a legacy quality toy system that your whole family can enjoy for many years, and there is a good chance you'll be handing it down to the next generation of young parents and builders.
Products and Services: educational toys, construction sets, building toys, preschool blocks, preschool RCs, spare parts